Jan 2014 – Sep 2014
RADE was founded in 2004 and over the past ten years the project has collaborated with some of Irelands leading professional artists, producing 8 creative writing publications, 8 documentaries, 3 short films of fiction, 6 original theatre plays, a radio play for RTE, an opera featured in the 2012 Fringe Festival and several art exhibitions. Participants have also appeared in TV commercials, independent short films and recently in the hit series Love/Hate. MORE ABOUT RADE
‘SOURCE’ | Our process…
‘The inspiration for ‘Source’ came from the conversations and ‘banter’ in-between workshops. Stories emerged of other lives lived and of dreams yet to be accomplished. My interpretation of these conversations was that there was no starting point to addiction or recovery, but rather a constant dialogue between two worlds and two voices inside one person. This piece tells the story of that conversation and of the most fundamental source of recovery for anyone in any situation – hope. ‘ Cathy Coughlan 
The piece was initially developed in the studio’s of Dance House as part of Cathy’s Dance Ireland residency. Participants were invited to collaborate on the choreographic process and engage with a professional dance environment. As well as creating the piece through pedestrian movement and contemporary dance, Cathy encouraged the group to incorporate any existing movement practices, such as tai chi, yoga, professional boxing and street dance.
Following the intensive period at Dance House participants collaborated on a series of ‘white films’ that allowed each person a blank canvas to develop an alternate character, which either drew from their past experiences or projected into their future. 
  • Source was nominated for two Dublin Fringe Awards in 2014


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