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FABLE Preferance 2

FABLE Dublin Fringe Festival | 2018 | Project Arts Centre
The Arts Review ****
“Cathy Coughlan’s films suddenly break through several levels at once, integrating flawlessly into and out of the performance, adding depth and subtlety…” 


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Michael Seaver The Irish Times ****
‘The challenge of any artistic statement is to create universality within the personal. This dance-work is performed by members of the drug recovery programme RADE and based on their individual stories, and their expressions of hope will resonate with everyone. Along the way they take swipes at societal greed and individualism…..Cathy Coughlan crafts the individual stories, projections and movement into a coherent whole….performances are committed and nuanced.’

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Ciara Murphy The Public Reviews *****
‘…The structure of the show depended on a multi-media styling. With both communal and individual performances, the piece channelled its story between the vast onstage space, and the hidden, dream-like space represented by through cinema. Lighting and props were innovatively intertwined with the performance, but for the most part it was stripped back and simple. The show never pontificates or dwells on the negative, instead in enraptures the audience opening their minds up to a beautiful, yet dark, image of humanity. The group embodies passion, and their stories are emotive and wonderfully imagined. Source will lift you up, it will make you feel good and it will stay with you long after the curtain drops.’

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Michael McDermott Le Cool
Following its sold out run at Tiger Dublin Fringe, RADE make a sprightly return. This magnificent collaboration with choreographer Cathy Coughlan is accomplished, inspiring and entertaining….The performances weave skill and bravery. The heart of Source is evident in the effort, concentration and pride its cast take in such rewarding material complemented by brilliant visuals and a sublime mixtape.’