This new work examines our risk averse society and considers the physical impact of the systems and policies that are supposed to keep us safe. As we attempt to eliminate risk from our daily activities, from our work-place and even from our personal relationships, which have become increasingly remote or screen based, the work explores the vast space that fear has taken up in our bodies. 

Connectedness, drive, meaning and purpose are, arguably, derived from the risk of engaging with new experiences. So what happens to the body when threat and misinformation take over, and these essential developmental experiences are side stepped? 

Are we really any safer than we were 100 years ago? And if we are, has it made us any happier? In a time in history where risk will be an essential driver for our survival, how do we reframe ‘fear of the unknown’ as an opportunity?  How do we shape our collective future in an environment where self preservation is paramount? 


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